Greyhound wire sculpture by Lindsay Waring
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2011 – Commission

Coursing Greyhound was a commission and has a light armature to enable all four feet to be off the ground. 

My aim is for my pieces to have a lightness to them.  To give a feeling of life and movement.  Wire is the perfect material for this.   

I wanted to show the speed that this impressive breed is capable of.  A snippet in time that could speak to the onlooker.  This snippet is that moment just before a huge release of power.  One gets the distinct impression that the hare is at a loss.

The greyhound was made for a gentleman who helped at a greyhound racing track.  I chose to make a coursing greyhound however as this is a more natural version of what the track reproduces.  It is the instinctive drive in this hound to chase, to persue….at speed. 

Although coursing no longer has a place in our culture it will always remain a basic instinct in this gentle breed.