I have been sculpting since around 2002. I am mostly self-taught and have had the privilege of working alongside very talented sculptors over the years that have influenced my ethos on the sculpting process tremendously.

Lindsay Waring Bio

I enjoy working in many different mediums but am currently exploring the properties of wire. This medium excites and ignites my creative ideas.  I try to keep true to the material, utilising the translucent quality.

With some of my work, particularly the animals and birds, my aim is to capture movement whilst encapsulating the subject’s character. I find that the way I work wire allows each piece to have more vitality.  It’s not dense and static but has a lightness, a life of its own.  I try where possible to incorporate a kinetic element.

My human forms tend to portray emotion with a contemporary flavour. I am particularly interested in the complexities of relationships. However I don’t always take myself so seriously. Sculpture should be fun! Fun to make and fun to look at. I hope I achieve this.

A lot of my work are commissioned however I have sold extensively in galleries and exhibitions also.  I would like to concentrate more on exhibiting as this allows me to create what my heart desires.

I am very pleased to be accepted as a member of the Oxford Sculptors Group.  They are a very professional group with a large number of truly inspiring artists.  I am also a member of Surrey Sculpture Society and again feel very honoured to be accepted in to the fold of such acclaimed groups.

I have tutored on many occasions and given talks on the process that I personally use.  I am passionate about sharing skills with others, believing that those that give receive many times over.  Indeed if it were not for the generosity of the sculptors that I have worked with over the years – I would not have achieved the level of skill that I now enjoy.

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